Medi Supra Pool

Medi Supra Pool is the Pool managed by d’Amico Dry Cargo operating globally vessels in the Supramax and Ultramax Sectors. The Pool transports a diversified cargo base sourced from a broad range of first class customers thanks to its large fleet of geared and grabbed bulk carriers varying  from 52,000 to 64,000 dwt.

d'Amico Pools

d’Amico Group have been operating Pools for over 10 years and we are proud of the strong results that the Supramax pool has produced since its inception in 2015. While we offer Participants similar flexibility to enter and leave as other bulk pools, the uniqueness of our Supramax/Ultramax Pool is that d’Amico’s tonnage are permanently entered and we do not operate any Supramax cargo and/or vessel of the segment outside of the Pool. This enables us to think about the longer term and not just the next 4-6 weeks. We just focus on ensuring a secure, consistent and solid result for our principals.

Why clients can rely on Pools managed by d'Amico

Optimal sharing of revenue between partners 

The pools bring together owners with similar quality vessels and similar high levels of technical management and provides pooled risks and revenue.

The Pool committee, composed of executives from the participants in the Pools, are consulted for different aspects of the pool functioning.

Diversified fleet for adaptaton to cargo contracts 

The Pools offer to the customers an extensive and diversified fleet of vessels which allows a wide range of goods and products to be transported around the world. The competitive advantage of d'Amico Pools is the ability to negotiate short and long term contracts across a broad spectrum of commodities and cargo sizes, in addiction to arbitrage positions with third party tonnage.

24/7 Global coverage

The scope of the fleet of Pools and the offices spread over 4 Continents means that we can offer global coverage of commercial transportation with a 24/7 service.

The monthly publication of results of the Pools also allows total transparency towards all participants and provides current and future clients with a vision on Pool activity.

Partnership with Companies which have the same values as d'Amico

The Pools group together shipping companies who share the same philosophy and values as d'Amico: a long term outlook, reliability, attention to the environment, social responsibility, multicultural team, identification, passion and commitment, excellent personnel and attention to professional training.


Access to renowned d'Amico reseach systems, Risk Management and Performance Monitoring


Belonging to the Pool means benefiting from d'Amico's renowned systems of Research, Risk Management and Performance Monitoring.

The Pools managed by d'Amico offer the best efficiency for all ship owners