About Dry Cargo

d’Amico Dry Cargo operates a dynamic fleet ranging from Handy/OHBS, Supramax and Panamax up to Mini-Cape vessels. The Company transports cargo for a large range of customers including international trading companies, mining companies, food processors and semi-finished goods manufacturers. d'Amico Dry Cargo also carries out a liner service, (previously under the name of Medbulk), transporting forestry products and general cargo from the West Coast of Canada to the Mediterranean Sea and North Coast South America. In addition, through the company d’Amico Dry Maroc, the Company runs a container service operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mission & Vision


Innovation, Trust, Care.

Offer our clients services of excellence through our personnel, a technologically advanced fleet, guaranteeing reliability and high standards of safety and protection of the environment.

Be the leader in the Shipping sector.

With passion and constant respect for the environment, ensure our Partners have an exclusive competitive advantage and that our personnel enjoy an extraordinary work experience.


d’Amico Dry Cargo actively takes part in the most important CSR projects of d’Amico Società di Navigazione.

d’Amico Group has always been involved in the rigorous respect of current regulations, operational safety and environmental procedures, contributing to sustainable development. For this reason, over the last few years, the Group has strengthened the strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility as an expression of all the energy and resources used to defend the environment and in helping needy people. d’Amico Group, has always supported and financed culture and Art in all its forms, promoting and creating awareness around social, cultural, economic and environmental terms, also financing projects and educational courses in various academic institutions.


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Dry Cargo Management

  • Lucio Bonaso

    Chief Executive Officer

    • Giovanni Capello

      Chief Financial Officer

      • Benjamin Wilkes

        Chief Operating Officer

        • Pietro Eugeni

          Dry Maroc Managing Director

          • Thor Andersen

            Head of Supramax

            • Edmondo Lamparella

              Head of Vessel Operations

              • Dry Cargo Fleet