The d’Amico Group has always been involved in the context of diversification of its own activities. For this reason, in 2010, after over forty years’ experience in the containership sector, “turnkey” containers were founded in d’Amico Dry Maroc, to supply a service of maritime transport, based around client demands thanks to new vessels flying the Moroccan flag.

Vessel Types

Cielo di Rabat

2,061 TEU

d’Amico Dry Maroc

The main activity of d’Amico Dry Maroc is a cabotage service between the various ports of Morocco (Agadir, Tangier Med and Casablanca) but a feedering service is also supplied between the maritime centers of the western Mediterranean  (mainly France, Spain and Tunisia).

Through synergy with Pac Ocean Maghreb, the Group’s maritime agency of services, with headquarters in Casablanca, an optimum experience of Container transport is guaranteed.

d’Amico Dry Maroc’s commitment is also seen in its relationships with the maritime community of Morocco, confirmed by its collaboration with the ISEM (Higher Institute of Maritime Studies) which since November 2013 has used the Institute’s best talents with its maritime personnel on board the Company vessels.

Containership Fleet

d'Amico Dry Maroc presentation


d'Amico Dry Maroc Sarl

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